Now with the Stay At Home order IS lifted we can start collecting signatures with the

Safe Distant rules.

We can still make this happen, now the call to Repeal TIS is even more critical. Simply request to have a petition mailed to you using the button in the top right corner so that you can circulate among your family members. Remember, signers on the same sheet must be registered to vote in the same county . However, if they live in another county no problem, have them sign another sheet labeled with their correct county. Each petition has lines for twelve signatures, here is where you can find answers to common questions.

We have the extension but at this time the state court has not given us the new dead line  date so we must stay positive and be proactive.


SIGNATURES, DONATE AND SUPPORT in any way that we can.


We won the first part of out suit now to collect signatures.

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                                                                UPDATED PRESS RELEASE:

On Monday, Judge Leitman ruled in favor of MPRCA, in the case 20-cv-11246-MFL-MJH SawariMedia LLC et al v. Whitmer et al. The federal judge ordered that it would be unconstitutional for the state of Michigan to exclude our initiative from the ballot solely due to our inability to collect the required amount of signatures, 340,047 by the original May 27th deadline. The following day the state filed a notice of appeal with the 6th Circuit Court, in an attempt to stop MPRCA from appearing on the ballot in November. With that being said MPRCA organizers are using the Eric Esshaki case as a precedent to enforce a deadline extension to July 16th, five weeks from the date that the statewide lockdown was lifted on June 11th. At this point the state's refusal to lower the signature threshold in any way forces us to continue to strive for a 400,000 signature target, 60,000 more than the state's requirement in order to ensure that we have a minimum number of valid signatures. MPRCA organizers will continue to collect as many signatures as possible for the next 3.5 weeks as we battle with the state through an appeal to make our voices heard in the Michigan state election this November. 


State of Michigan loses in its 4th attempt to block a criminal justice reform initiative from being placed on the 2020 general ballot.

On June 23, 2020, a federal district court denied the State of Michigan's second attempt to offer what the State deemed to be a fair and equitable resolution to allow the MPRCA ballot initiative access to the November general ballot.

On the following day the State appealed to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, while also asking the district court to Stay, or suspend, its previous ruling. The district court denied the State's request.

That decision was the fourth positive ruling that the MPRCA has received from the Court. Initially the Court determined that the State's refusal to modify the signature requirements related to ballot initiatives, when the Governor had issued Executive Orders making it a crime for individuals to leave their homes, was a constitutional violation requiring the State to find a way in which to give the MPRCA a fair chance to access the ballot, while keeping the effects of the current global pandemic in mind.

It seems odd to most Michiganders we talk to, as to why the State is fighting so hard to give the MPRCA a fair chance, when they quickly conceded to the same issues raised by political candidates who were working to have their names added to the ballot.

Those same Michiganders are also asking us why this story is not receiving any attention from the media. Most of them feel that if any other group, business, or person, had sued the Governor, Secretary of State, and Director of Elections in federal court and had won, it would be front page news.
So why isn't this?

While we don't have an absolute answer to that question, the only thing we can conclude is that it is because people are not sharing our story enough. That is why we are asking each of you to dedicate 15 minutes of your time to forward this to any and all media outlets you can find. This can be accomplished through emails sent directly to the individuals who work for news outlets, or through social media postings on their pages. If you have time and are willing, pick up the phone and call them. Ask them why they are not covering such an important story.


Please, won't you lend a hand to help get your loved ones home sooner. We need help on collecting signatures in order to have this on this years ballot. We have only 3 and 1/2 weeks to collect so we

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Here at MPRCA, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all on both sides of the wall. Our decision making process is informed by comprehensive studies, community surveys and high quality data evaluation. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits. The goal of this website is to provide Michigan tax payers with relevant facts that demonstrate why the state is in such dire need of the Michigan Prisoner Rehabilitation Credit Act (MPRCA). We hope that after viewing this information, you will find this cause to be one worthy of your support. Please take the time to get your hands on a copy of this petition, and not only sign it, but collect signatures from others in your county and show up in the November 2020 election to vote for it. It is ONLY with your support that we can make a difference. The passing of MPRCA would be those most significant reform to Michigan's criminal legal system to pass in decades and we are excited for you to join us in this journey.

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At MPRCA, rehabilitative development is at the forefront of what we’re working together towards making available in every facility across the state of Michigan. Our programs and events are designed to be a catalyst that helps community members on both sides of the wall reach their goals and fulfill their potential. Learn more about the positive impact we have had in our state, organizing people in order to make our prisons safer by incentivizing good behavior and join us in bringing about this positive change. 


The MPRCA is an opportunity for Michigan voters to support the idea of bringing the Michigan prison system in-line with the federal prison system and the vast majority of the other states in this country. Michigan is one of only a few states left in the United States that has no earned credit system available for people who are sentenced to spend time in prison. That is why we are introducing the Michigan Prisoner Rehabilitation Credit Act. This piece of legislation will allow prisoners to work on their own rehabilitation at their own pace, while also earning credits toward an early release if they choose. With the passing of this legislation prisoners will be incentivized to steer clear of violence, participate in rehabilitative programming, achieve higher education goals, enroll in training/vocation programs and work to develop their skills in preparation for their release. All of these activities are different ways that prisoners can be active leaders in their rehabilitative process. We believe that those who have truly been rehabilitated will recognize the opportunity before them, and will work hard toward not just an early release, but toward a higher education, and becoming better people for themselves, their family and community.

We believe that every person has the right to demonstrate their rehabilitative development regardless of the date on which they were sentenced or the date on which they are to be released. We believe that every prisoner has the capacity for change and that every person has the right to redemption that should be recognized in the essence of their humanity, MPRCA embraces that belief.