No upcoming events at the moment

Canvassing Spreadsheet:

There needs to be at last 2 people canvassing at each event in order to make collecting signatures.

If you see something coming up in your area, let us know where it will be located and the times. 

If you can attend that event, add yourself as Canvasser 1 and anyone else helping can be added as Canvasser. 

Please also post event opportunities on the facebook page:

Through facebook we can recruit more folks to help out as well as encourage more people to attend the event in order to sign the petition. 


I added an event for this Saturday, Labor of Love, myself and Michelle will be canvassing there in Wayne county. If anyone is interested in seeing my canvassing methods or how I answer questions, this weekend is the perfect opportunity. 


2. Pop Up Locations - use this sheet to check on where people can go to sign/pick up/drop off petitions. This list will be updated every month. As point people you are also invited to add any locations to this list that you've talked to (churches, libraries, schools) that are willing to stock petitions at their font desk for supporters to access. 


3. Team - this is a list of people on our canvassing team. As you canvass, people may want to know about another county and here is where you can look to find the right person to connect a supporter to. This list will grow as more people want to help out. 

This is also where you can look to find someone to help you canvass at an upcoming event. As team members when you advocate for MPRCA you may want to use an "official title" depending on who you are talking to and what role you're performing in you can use any of the roles listed below: