Official Signature Collection Sheet

We will be posting our new deadline as soon as the court let's us know. All you have to do is e-mail us for a petition and we will mail them to you. Please keep on signing and collecting signatures for this cause.  MORE TO FOLLOW SOON......





  • Applies to all prisoners, regardless of the date on which they were sentenced

  • Provides an additional 10% credit to verified honorably discharged military veterans

  • Requires the forfeiture of credit in months the prisoner receives a single major Class 1 misconduct

  • Prisoners who refuse to work toward earning at least a G.E.D. will not earn the credit.

  • Allocates credits for prisoners who are mentally ill, disabled or elderly 

  • Allocates additional credits for working prisoners and those enrolled in vocational/training programs

  • Prisoners who are terminated from MDOC jobs will not earn credits for that month.

  • Allocates additional credits for incarcerated students who earn higher education degrees and certifications

Download the Canvassing Guide by clicking the icon below:

Commonly Asked Questions: Collection QnA
  1. Do circulators have to be registered voters in Michigan? 

    • Canvassers do not have to be Michigan residents or registered voters to collect signatures, but that must be identified on the canvassing sheet by checking the box under the certificate of circulator section and properly filling out the circulator section under the signature collection section.

  2. Do signers have to be registered voters in Michigan? 

    • Signers must be registered to vote in Michigan, otherwise the signature will be invalid. People who are formerly incarcerated are immediately eligible to vote upon their release. Advise those who are unsure about their status to sign the petition and check their voting status at

  3. Can I print sheets myself? Does the petition need to be printed on a specific sized paper? 

    • You can print petitions at home but the entire petition's wording must fit onto one page, sheets cannot be stapled together, which requires us to print on larger paper in order to accommodate the proposal's full wording. You can use our contact info in order to connect with a team member to pick up the right sized petitions.

  4. Does page 2 need to be on the back of the signer page of the petition? 

    • Please print the petition's full wording on the back of the petition sheet, if you are unable to do so please connect with someone from our team to pick up correctly formatted sheets. Signatures collected on incorrectly formatted sheets will be considered invalid by the Secretary of State.

  5. Can people residing in different counties same the same petition sheet? 

    • At the top of the signature page there is a section to identify the county in which the petition was circulated. All of the signers on the sheet that do not reside in that county will be invalid. Start a new collection sheet for signers from a different county than that on which the sheet was labeled.

  6. Where do I send completed sheets? 

    • Please send completed sheets to P.O. Box 2278, Detroit, MI 48202 as soon as possible so that we can keep an accurate count of how many signatures we have collected. The final deadline for submission is May 22, 2020. Please mail your sheets to the PO Box by May 18th so your signatures are included in the final delivery to the Secretary of State.

  7. When should I send in my completed sheet?

    • In order for us to keep supporters updated with the most accurate estimate of signatures it is essential that canvassers mail their sheets back to the campaign at P.O. Box 2278, Detroit, MI 48202 as soon as possible. Please do not delay! 

  8. Do online signatures count?

    • No, Michigan's Secretary of State does not have a process for validating online signatures but we have decided to post on online petition as a way to capture supporters in Michigan and beyond during the statewide lockdown. We urge supporters to ​sign online AND have the official petition sheet mailed to them so that they signature can be officially counted toward are 350,000 signature goal.