Finding support and help: how your community can make a difference in the Michigan Prison System.

Updated: Feb 24

What are we trying to do you ask? Well the main goal of this blog is to bring awareness to the public about the need of the Rehabilitation Credits for those that are incarcerated in the Michigan Prisons. Forty Seven (47) states offer some type of "Earned Time" credit or Rehabilitation Credits to allow prisoners and opportunity for early release, if they do nothing more that stay out of trouble. Of those 47 state thirty eight (38) states offer programs to allow prisoners a chance to earn additional credit toward early release, The state of Michigan does not do either. * On February 6, 2019, Michigan Department of Corrections' Legislative Liaison, Kyle Kaminski, testified in front of the House Appropriations Corrections Subcommittee. His testimony highlighted two points that demonstrate the need for comprehensive criminal justice reform in this state. He first testified that people incarcerated in Michigan prisons are serving the longest sentences in the nation, with an average minimum sentence of 10.3 years and growing. He then informed the committee that although the overall prison population is declining, the average minimum sentence is rising at a faster pace. "We have fewer people coming to prison, but those who are coming are coming for a longer time. We' re approaching what we view as the natural floor for the prison population with our current accepted practices. We'll get to the point where we can't move the population down.

* Michigan needs to avoid the common pitfall of restricting valuable rehabilitative programs to only those close to release and low-risk and justifying those restrictions by pointing to lean budgets. This runs contrary to best practices, which say that "targeting high-risk offenders for intensive levels of treatment and services has the greatest effect on recidivism, and low risk inmates should receive minimal or even no intervention."

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