We had out Hearing and the Judge found in our favor, so now it is up to the state

to decide what they are going to do. They can either extend the deadline or

cut down the amount of signatures requested or both, We are waiting on that

at this time. BUT we can go ahead and stay ahead of the game and continue to collect signature like we have been doing, But for the safety of everyone use the

Safe Distance guidelines (6ft)

Now that the stay at home order is lifted we can get out and start collecting signatures again.

(1) So with that been said we NEED YOUR HELP in collecting.

(2) Contact people that have a business and ask if we can set up out side there business and collect signatures for MPRCA.

(3) Walk around where every you want and collect signature,, but use Safe Distant rules and wear a mask.

(4) All the signatures on one sheet have to be from the same county, use a different sheet for each county. All signatures have to be registered voters. Or they do not count and all signatures have to be from people in the state of Michigan. And the person that is collecting the signatures have to sign the bottom of the page as canvasser.